Javier Cortès Solicitor in Palma Majorca. We provide legal services for your sucess.

Business & Corporate Law Firm, Real Estate Investment

Law Firm in Palma of Majorca providing Legal services in  Majorca (Balearic Islands) . We are specialized in Business and all invest on Real Estate Law, Touristic Law, Economic Criminal Law, Family Law and The inheritance Law.

Our philosophy of Litigation and Dispute Resolution:

Javier Cortès  BUFETEFORO ABOGADOS/ LAWYERS we are experts  litigators  renowned for our fight and efficiently in behalf your interest … obviously if you are entitled. We have an enthusiasm to gain a good result¡ but we have to avoid it if is possible.

Real Estate Law.  We  are an skilled Law Firm in Majorca,  on legal matters  like   Real Estate, for property acquisition/development  or/and investment property funding. Our Lawyer’s firm representation of developers includes considerable participation in the planning, acquisition, financing, construction, leasing, and management of buildings, Hotels, Villas or Apartments. We have been dynamically involved in transaction all to gain a good  result for you.

Business and Corporate Law. Company foundation and Set up. Company closure and extinction, Bankrupts, Lease contracts, rentals and company relocations. we are experts in all this kind of matters.

Family Law: Divorce, Legal disabilities, Division and adjudication of inheritance property. We are also designed by Courts of Justice to do the division and adjudication properties in case of litigation heiress. The Spanish Law provide 6 months only since demise to carry with all steps for payment taxes for heiress in respect all goods located in Spain owned by deceased. If you are no resident in Spain you are obliged too for the payment of this tax.

There is an important difference between the Law of Succession, designed by deceased’s born country. Another thing is the already mentioned liability to pay Spanish taxes for assets located in Spain.

Criminal Law Practice: BUREAU FORO, JAVIER CORTÈS LAWYERS assist to our clients in defense or prosecution, first instance and appeals in financial and economic tax issues, claims for compensation lesions or damages suffered as a result of Road Traffic offences, and defense or claim for Damages caused

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